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Clever retirement strategies

On 10 July this year, the Office for Budget Responsibility warned that many of us might not be eligible for a State Pension until we reach the age of 70. That’s the minimum age the Government will be able to

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How bright is your future?

One in five Britons admitted that they are planning to ‘work until they drop’ in order to have a comfortable retirement, a study from Aviva has revealed. Worries about being able to afford their ‘ideal retirement’ means millions of over-40s

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Pension reform: what you need to know

Retirement should be an exciting time, and these days there’s more scope than ever to arrange your finances the way you want them. For example, you could continue to work and take your pension benefits. That flexibility is great, but

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The hidden cost of divorce

Achieving a fair resolution of all the financial issues surrounding divorce or the dissolution of a registered civil partnership can be highly stressful. Alongside wanting to resolve these effectively and affordably you may also be worrying about how you will

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What’s in your basket?

Most investors are used to hearing the term ‘diversification’ – but it has a broader meaning than many realise. Diversification is the process of investing in areas that have little or no relation to each other. This is called a

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