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Safeguarding your family’s lifestyle

The numbers show a significant protection gap exists for families in the UK We all want to safeguard our family’s lifestyle in case the worst should happen. But only a quarter (24%) of adults in the UK with children under

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Sandwich generation

Filling in the family gaps With an ageing population and increasingly more children living at home for longer, more and more people are joining the ‘Sandwich Generation’, having to fund family at both ends of the spectrum, such as their

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‘Am I diversified enough?’

What’s positive for one investment can be negative for another Different types of investments are affected in different ways by factors such as economics, interest rates, politics, conflicts, even weather events. What’s positive for one investment can be negative for

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One of life’s unpleasant facts

Protecting your assets to give your family lasting benefits in an uncertain world Inheritance Tax (IHT) in the UK is a subject that was once something that only affected very wealthy people. It maybe one of life’s unpleasant facts but

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Saving for a rainy day

Fewer people are putting money away despite improvements to the economy The gap between the fortunes of savers and non-savers continues to widen, and research supports these findings[1]. ‘Habitual savers’ continue to put away more for a rainy day, but

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Retiring in good health

How new pension fund rules could increase life expectancy With the news that the tax charge on pension funds will be removed before age 75, some commentators have suggested that over 90% of people retiring in good health should expect

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Question time

Why planning for your future retirement requires answers We all look forward to stopping work, embarking on a new path and making the most of our new-found freedom. But with all the talk and concern about dwindling retirement funds and

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New intestacy rules aim to make things simpler and clearer

Why the consequences could be far-reaching for you and your loved ones Significant changes to existing intestacy rules came into force on 1 October 2014 in England and Wales, with the aim of making things simpler and clearer. The consequences

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8 steps to a brighter retirement

Make sure you can afford a comfortable lifestyle when you retire 1. From April 2015, you can use your pension savings in any way you like. The first 25% can be taken as tax-free cash and the remainder used as

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