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New pension freedoms

How future retirees may take advantage of their pension lump sums Research showing how retirees use their pension lump sums to pay off debt provides an insight into how pension cash unlocked following the new freedoms available from 6 April

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What’s your magic number?

The first concise picture of current and changing sources of retirement income Current retirees are satisfied with 47% of pre-retirement income according to a recent report that reveals those approaching retirement are expecting to receive £23,700 per year when they

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Class of 2014 expectations

What are the hopes of last year’s university leavers? 2014’s university leavers expect to have bought their first home by the age of 30, according to research published by Endsleigh. The research also reveals that, by the age of 30,

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Gender gap closing

Report shows the proportion of people preparing adequately for retirement is on the up The number of women saving adequately for retirement has shifted from a record low to a four-year high in the last 12 months, according to Scottish

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‘Job for life’, a distant memory

New workers face a significantly longer working life than past generations The typical Briton entering the workforce today can expect to have nine jobs, including one major career change, across 48 years of working[1].

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Financial fibbing

Telling ‘white lies’ about money and salary Almost half of British adults (48%) have ‘fibbed’ when it comes to their finances. The research shows that from a given list, Britons would be most likely to tell financial ‘white lies’ to

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