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Maximising your income levels in retirement

Why having a target in mind clearly makes a difference to fund this stage of your life A recently published report has highlighted the positive impact planning and professional financial advice can have on income levels in our retirement. The

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‘Midlife crisis’

Baby boomers are some of the least prepared for retirement A recent survey has revealed the concerning fact that 40% of baby boomers, those aged 55 to 74, have not started to save specifically for retirement yet, despite two-thirds of

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Pension wise

Discussing life expectancy as part of your retirement planning is key Pension Wise, the government’s guidance guarantee service, must discuss life expectancy as part of people’s retirement planning, according to a recent Aviva report.

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Pension freedoms – what could they mean to you?

Accessing your pension safely, without unnecessary costs and a potential tax bill With the biggest pension reforms in a lifetime rapidly approaching on 6 April, are you ready for how these reforms could potentially affect you, whether now or in

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Influencing factors to managing your future wealth

When was the last time you revisited your investment goals? It’s vital to know why you’re investing. The first step is to have a good think about your financial situation and your reasons for investing. Whatever your personal investment goal

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New landscape for later-life planning

Making informed decisions about how to best use your savings and manage your income in retirement More than one in four Britons (27%) expect to come under pressure to lend their family money from unlocked retirement pots when the new

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