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Pension earmarking orders

Divorcees may need to take action to protect benefits following pension reforms An unintended consequence of the pension reforms is that any divorcee with a pension earmarking order may need to act fast to protect their benefits. Any earmarking order

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Ten tips to make the most of pension freedoms

Planning for retirement in the new pensions landscape The new pension savings market offers much more flexibility and choice post–6 April this year, which is a positive, but it can be overwhelming. For people planning for retirement in the new

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Nation of savers

Focusing on the long term for a more secure future The UK is becoming a nation of savers, with three quarters (74%) of people saying they are currently saving, research from Scottish Widows has revealed.

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Planning your retirement income

Will the pension reforms have an effect on retirement planning? Just under a third (30%) of people believe the recent pension reforms will affect their plans for retirement income. Responding to a Schroders survey, of the people who said pension

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What next for the European recovery?

Grappling with a number of significant headwinds Unlike the rest of the world, the European economy has been hit by not one, but two major crises in the last decade. A few years on, we consider whether Europe is set

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Maintaining dividend growth

Rewarding investors in UK-listed companies Investors in UK-listed companies will be rewarded with an £85.8 billion payout in 2015, significantly better than last year, where investors suffered little or no growth in income according to Capita Asset Services’ ‘Dividend Monitor’. Dividend

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