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Reasons for investing

Taking a long-term view to wealth creation Stock markets can be unpredictable. They move frequently – and sometimes sharply – in both directions. It is important to take a long-term view (typically ten years or more) and remember your reasons

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Smoothing out market highs and lows

Time-tested method for controlling risk over time It’s natural to be looking for ways to smooth out your portfolio’s returns. Investing regularly can smooth out market highs and lows over time. In a fluctuating market, a strategy known as ‘pound-cost

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Inheritance Tax

Getting to grip with the numbers £325,000 The first £325,000 value of your estate is called the ‘Nil Rate Band’ because, although it is taxable to Inheritance Tax (IHT), it is taxed at 0% (tax year 2015/16).

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Consolidating pensions Most people, during their career, accumulate a number of different pension plans. Keeping your pension savings in a number of different plans may result in lost investment opportunities and unnecessary exposure to risk. However, not all consolidation of

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Income protection

Research highlights existing gap between awareness and prioritisation Having a clear understanding of your protection requirements and the importance of getting the right professional financial advice are essential, and they will be of increasing significance from April when working age

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Realising life-long ambitions

You now have more options than ever before to help you find a solution For many people, retirement now represents an opportunity to realise life-long ambitions, pursue new passions or help family members with their income needs. Since pension freedoms,

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