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Gender savings gap widens

Report findings suggest this trend is set to continue Half of women (52%) are now saving adequately for their retirement compared to 60% of men, according to the latest Scottish Widows Women & Retirement Report. But while this maintains the

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Top Trump

Winners and losers from the seismic US election result After a long and brutal US presidential election campaign, Donald Trump emerged victorious, winning 279 electoral votes and 47.5% of the popular vote. Republicans also maintained majorities in the House and

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Investment outlook

Taking advantage of opportunities in 2017 After a game-changing 2016, the investment environment was not only mixed but characterised by uneven global growth and political events such as Brexit and the US elections.

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2016/17 Year End Planning

Keeping your taxes as low as possible – what you may wish to consider sooner rather than later The 2016/17 year end for tax planning purposes is now only a matter of months away with the deadline approaching on 5

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Delegating power

When you are unable to make your own decisions More than two million Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) registrations will have been filed by the end of 2016, with the number of appointments more than trebling between 2010 and 2015.

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Keep your finger on the pulse. Get our FREE Newsletter!

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What are our clients saying about us?

Many thanks to Ray Beard for his testamonial. Its always a pleasure to get such positive feedback and espcially so from such an esteemed professional as Ray.

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